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How do you properly and politely ask someone to say a curse word?

“Sir, cuss.”


Red Meat


Kool-Aid steak

I created this monstrosity with a packet of blue Kool-Aid mix, thinking that it would turn my steak blue.  It turned the meat red.  That blue my mind.

Hoboken, N.J.


I want to open up a homeless themed resort, preferably in Hoboken.  I’ll call it either the Hobo Hotel or the Tramp Towers.  At my establishment, you’ll be provided with the finest boxes and crates to sleep in, a kiddie pool for both swimming and bathing, and the best back alley buffet in the country.  No fresh food here.  And when we’ll all booked up for the weekend, I’ll just post a sign that says “No Vagrancy.”