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Fair enough.


The letter Z


The letter Z had an ego.  He thought he was the best letter around and he would let the other letters know it all the time.

None of the other letters liked Z.  To let him know this, all the other letters decided to throw the greatest party ever thrown and not invite Z.  To let Z know he was not invited, they named it “The Not Z Party.”

When Z found out about this fantastic party, he was furious.  He became even angrier when he found out they invited 9.

Super villains


I have a ridiculous plan to become a super villain and considering my love of puns and chicken, I have discovered the perfect name to use.  Fowl play.

I shall have have a genetically enhanced super bird that I will call the Foul Fowl and all my henchmen will be known as my “peeps.”  The amount of chickens puns I can us while battling the forces of good is limitless.